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5 reasons you need an Event Planner

Event professionals are super-organized people who have a talent for creativity and understand the requirements for all types of events. Hiring a recognized corporate event management company such as BSO will provide you with numerous benefits, including but not...

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10 Ways to Ruin an Interview in 30 Seconds

The older I get, the more I’m convinced that hiring well has little to do with spotting talent. If a candidate commits these sins in an interview, they’re almost certainly going to be a bad hire. Ten bloopers come to mind - and none of them have to do with a resume:...

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All Aboard!!!

All Aboard!!! There is a certain thrill and excitement that comes with traveling to new places. This blog is oriented to help you take a stress-free vacation and not to forget to pack the basics: 10 Things not to Forget when Packing for Your Vacation!...

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Hiring Process : How You Can Find The Best People

There are three key elements to consider during the hiring process. Your new hire must be results oriented, have the required skills asked of him or her and be a good fit for the work environment. You might call this the “Golden Triangle” of hiring. Most of your...

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